About Youtube Embed and Iframe

Hi I notice that you have removed the youtube embed tutoiral page . Is there any back up link or sample project I can revisit . really need to see how the play back control and embed work for desktop .thank you~

Hi @ntcam and welcome,

Yes, that example and the way it worked had some issues on certain browsers/devices (not PlayCanvas related) that couldn’t be fully resolved.

It’s still available if you would like to give a try here: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

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Thank you @Leonidas
I’ve been trying to merge the YouTube in 3D Scenes example.With first person movement.When I move the camera postition with keyboard everything works fine.But when I start to rotate the camera with my mouse , the iframe css3-render got stocked with my mouse.Is there any example of Iframe with none orbit camera or am I missing anything in my settting .thank you for your help~

Not sure what the issue is there as the orbit camera in the original sample project works fine.

Would you be able to share the project publicly?