About UnsupportedBrowserError

This is an error page. (It was a page that worked well.)

I found that the error message in the attached image is in __start.js.
I wonder when the error ‘pc.UnsupportedBrowserError’ occurs.

I guess it’s an error because the webgl is not supported.
Because ios safari or chrome are webgl supported browsers … I can see why this error occurred … Even if there is a possibility of this error due to browser update.

Ask for help.

Sometime you have to activate webgl support in browsers you have to search for info about that on web. Some other time the browser support the webgl but the hardware doesn’t if it’s old. If it worked and stopped maybe something changed the browser webgl options.

Sorry, which device is this happening on? What operating system (and version)? What browser (including version)? What is the link to the app?

Please also send a screenshot of http://webglreport.com/

Device Info
IPhone 7
Safari browser.

That’s what happened during a demonstration by a client in China.
I still do not know if this is happening.
I use it on my iPhone 6S.
(But a few days ago (about 4 or 5 days ago)
I’m fine now.)

link: https://playcanv.as/p/gUA7PXeL.

There is also a possibility of changing the webgl option in the browser.
Thanks for reply.

@mog-dev Is there still a problem here? I’m not able to reproduce a problem.