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Use this category to post suggestions for the PlayCanvas developers. Or report any issues with a service and tools.

We love hearing suggestions from our users. You can use this category to suggestion new features to the Engine, to the Editor or to the website in general.


Ok, cool, so here are my first suggestions:

  1. Let us use the numpad for input of inspector values: Simply automatically replace the comma by a point.

  2. Let us comfortably cancel/reset Move/Rotate/Scale oparations with a rightmouse-click like in 3dsmax.

  3. Let us expand models in the hierarchy and select meshes from here.


  1. Allow users to upload custom assets into editor (currently not supported by editor, but can be done only with engine API and raw ajax calls)
  2. Custom property editors (but i know, it will be done someday, but i’m just sayn’ ;D)