About Hierarchy in the editor

Hi all,

I imported the FBX model to the project. Later it creates the json format which we can add to the hierarchy.
But, in the hierarchy, the childs of the object are not seen in the hierarchy. It really is a problem to manipulate the parts of the model in the scene according to the requirements. Is there anything like that.

The inner hierarchy of a model is not exposed at the moment. We have plans for adding this support in Editor.
So right now either separate into different fbx’s, or use code to manipulate stuff. As in engine it is a hierarchy.

Thanks max. This feature helps a lot. Please incorporate asap.

We do not have ETA for it though.


is there any update regarding exposing Hierarchy of a complex model with inside scenegraph ?

Is it on the roadmap on short term ? We are starting new project now and need to know if we need to export everything as separated FBX to be able to see them in hierarchy.


It’s not on the immediate roadmap unfortunately. It’s penned in for Q3 ish at the moment (don’t hold me to that date :sweat_smile:)

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