A question about playcanvas


If I made a game for a famous youtuber, Markiplier, and showed the fact that it’s playcanvas, would that be ok to show with you?

Depends on how the brand is shown and in what context. If it’s as simple as ‘made with playcanvas’, that’s fine.

Anything more beyond that will need a more formal discussion.

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same kind of question…
I’ve a room in my game where I’ve put every banner of every tool I uses on the wall.
So I put the PlayCanvas Logo there to…
Is thats ok?

To be honest, we should put up some brand guidelines for this type of stuff.

Again, it depends on context and how its presented.

Putting something like ‘made with PlayCanvas’ at the beginning as a loading screen for example is fine.

In game, we would need to see how it’s depicted. In the context of what you have said, it should be fine but would need to see it to be sure.

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a so called museum, where I provide a banner, if possible a sample (for music, material, artwork, sound, font or models) and a correspondent link to every resource I’ve used in my game:

Yeah, that should be fine