A PlayCanvas Workshop at the CEDEC 2016

Dear Forum Members.

I have been invited to organize a PlayCanvas workshop session at the CEDEC 2016.
CEDEC is the Japan’s biggest game development conference.
And I will be the lecturer!

We are very excited to have such a great opportunity to promote this incredibly beneficial game development framework to the Japanese game developer community.

Here is the link to the information on the conference. (The English website for the workshop isn’t prepared).

We would be very grateful if we could get any feedback or suggestion for the workshop so that we can improve the quality of our session.


Hi ogawa!
That is really great to hear.

Just a question, what the general format of workshop will be, how long it will last?

Just now I preparing content of the workshop.:sweat_smile:

It will be constructed 2 major part, introduce this by slide show, and lecture for practice.

It has 60 min only. so I can’t show much things.
But I will introduce as much thing of PlayCanvas as I can.

The date is not fixed yet. one day between 24th - 26th, Aug.

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I think it is always a good idea to show lots of cool, interesting content. So here is a list of some PlayCanvas apps you could show:

Nice videos to embed:

Some previous playcanvas presentations:

Try to make it fun and interactive. Also, try to minimize scripting. Scripting is not too exciting in a presentation context. If you do do any scripting, keep it light. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much !
I refer them.

This is my workshop’s guide. (Excuse me, there are not English page.)

The other workshop is here. It organized by a GMO Clouds staff.

No problem. :smile:

Oh and also, these might be good to show too since they are about MMD which is popular in Japan:

oh yes, :slight_smile:
I 'll also show these as sample case.

We finished 3 workshops and exhibit at booth in CEDEC2016.
Many people joined the workshops.
Thank you for cooperation @will.



It will be very useful if you have collected some feedback (negative and positive), as well as your observations of where possibly we can improve learning process and other things.
Feel free to share your thoughts on that.

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The most important impression is that 60 min workshop is tooo shoooort. :slight_smile:

This is the first time for me to organize workshop.
So I have recognized many improvements on my process.

Then I feel PlayCanvas is so good for basic program learning workshop for child.
Because this dosen’t need install software, this is so important for child education.
So children can keep use the workshop result .

Any other system need to take out the result to SD card to keep learning after workshop.
It also need install the develop kit and the result datas for their home PC.
Many of them can’t do that.
PlayCanvas makes it possible.

I’ll try teach the programing to my niece with PlayCanvas.

So I neeeed the cute model on the Asset Library. :grin:

Being on a cloud - is really cool indeed, there are so many benefits as you’ve described and even more.

What about the Editor it self, and some of UI//UX confusions maybe?

They are not so confusion using Editor. :wink:

But now, I make mistakes on Editor. :sweat_smile:
The camera select function of work frame is so goood . “Camera” mode makes intuitively to control camera.
But sometimes I forget to set “Perspective” again.
Then I do some work…Oh, the camera position is changed. :sweat_smile:

I think it is better to show camera mode text with color.
for example, if user selected camera mode, is it able to be the its text or icon show red. (as video camera’s REC mode)

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