A new top down stealth game

I like to present you the first progress of my new top down stealth game. A game like Commando’s, Shadow Tactics and Desperados with a twist. Right now there are no objectives, but feel free to play around and let me know your feedback.

In this release:
Enemy: patrolling, shooting, chasing, searching, killed by knife, killed by bullet.
Player: moving, jumping, climbing, crouching, throw stone, using flashlight, using knife, using rifle, killed by fall, killed by bullet.
Other: exploding barrel.

In the next release:
Enemy: optimization AI.
Player: using fist, using granade, using first aid kit, upgrading player sensors.
Other: auto reload after been killed or fallen from the scene.


This is great - I love it!

Here’s a suggestion. Add invisible, static rigidbody collision objects around the room edges to make it impossible to fall off. At the moment, it’s quite frustrating to fall off and die like that. Obviously, only do that for areas that you consider to be rooms. For actual platforms with an edge, it should be legitimate to fall to your death. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback @will! I appreciate that! :smiley:

Basically they are platforms, but I am going to upgrade the player sensors to prevent you from falling off easily.

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