A new Option for UI

so it has come to my attention that lost of people desire a interface and UI that has way more control then SVG (which is a pain to learn) or pushing DOM elements right through JavaScript.

Well the solution is through javascript but with the assistance of jQuery it becomes a lot easier!

take a look at http://playcanvas.com/pryme8/jquery_ui_test, give it a test whirl and see what you think…

if enough interest is made on this Ill design a jQuery plugin and js template that will make implementation of this style of game intro/cutscenes/UI… I will also make other styles or perhaps an online generator so that you can tailor the plugin to your preference!

if you have any questions please post them on http://github.com/pryme8/playcanvasUI


Wow, that’s some of the slickest UI I’ve seen in PlayCanvas so far. Impressive!!

I would recommend managing audio from PlayCanvas though, which allows you to take advantage of the Web Audio API. Generally speaking, you want to include your game assets in your project because then, you are able to export your game and potentially package it up as a mobile game.

hooookay, I shall do that today.

What Ill do is make a function that will pass commands back and forth between playcanvas to make the sounds play.

Do you have a link for me to the audio API? I need to figure out how to do the basic audio commands like play and pause and also how to access the files.

I will make sure when I make the jQuery plugin to include this feature.

Doh. I never did answer this. Sorry, pryme8. Have you figured out the audio interface to PlayCanvas now? Relevant pages in the docs:

User Manual Page:

AudioListener Component (page links to scripting interface too):

AudioSource Component (page links to scripting interface too):

yea, I had it all worked out and still was able to have jquery events trigger the sounds!