A lot of blendshapes or a lot of files? What is better?

I want to make a 3d character, but I don’t need to animate him. I just want to put him in various static poses. It is easier for me to import him as a simple mesh, not a skinned mesh with bones. So, I have two options to handle those poses:

  1. Make one model and a lot of blendshapes for each pose. Set one blendshape to 100% and all others to 0%.
  2. Import a lot of files, each with a pose. Then just load a file when I need a pose.
    What is a better approach? The performance is much more important for me than bandwidth/storage space.

Hi @Dan_Organ,

If you don’t care about download and loading times for the additional files, then the 2nd option is better performance wise.

Non skinned models can also be batched, which is an added plus if you render more than one instances of this model at the same time.