A couple questions on self-hosting vs playcanvas hosting

It looks like the recommended way to deploy playcanvas products is via playcanvas’ hosting, but I had a few questions.

  1. Regarding this doc https://developer.playcanvas.com/user-manual/publishing/web/hosting-cdn/ , when we publish with PlayCanvas hosting (not self host) is CDN taken care of for us? If so I would view this as a large advantage.

  2. If we’re going for a commercial product, we ideally would want people to play our game via our website www.example.com not the actual PlayCanvas link. I know the approach here is to embed the PlayCanvas link in our site as an iFrame, but is there any way to limit the user so that they can no longer play via the playcanvas portal, and only via the iframe on our site?

  1. No, playcanvas.as doesn’t use a CDN
  2. You would self host