8thWall x PlayCanvas - custom url for a brand project?

This is my first post here.
We’re looking into using PlayCanvas with 8thWall for a client project.
When using only 8thWall it’s possible to have the project hosted @ 8thWall and connect a custom domain.
Is this also possible when using PlayCanvas? As far as I understand, it’s only possible to do this when hosting outside of PlayCanvas, which we want to avoid. But would be great to have a definite answer on this.
Many thanks for your help

Not 100% sure on the requirements here. Could you point to some documentation or similar for us to check though please.

You can export a build to self host on your own servers if that helps?

Edit: we’ve had users develop 8th Wall apps with the PlayCanvas Editor at PlayCanvas.com before too.

Tx a lot for your feedback.
Not sure if there’s something to send you to make it more clear.
Trying to rephrase my question a bit
If developing with the PlayCanvas editor, using 8thWall for the AR part, the project is hosted @playcanvas - but we can’t have a custom domain connected to it, right? Unless we host it ourselves?

Many thanks again

As in you would like a custom domain for your published build?

Eg instead of https://playcanv.as/p/3jid83h it be https://yourdomain.com?

If so, I’m afraid you can’t, you would have to self host.

Still not fully understanding how the custom domain applies in your question though.

Are you referring to https://www.8thwall.com/docs/web/#managing-image-targets#connected-domains?

AFAIK, if you are using the Editor, you should add your PlayCanvas project launch URL here. You can also add the publish URL or your own domain if you are self hosting.

Tx again! And sorry if I’m not very clear.

Indeed the idea is to have subdomain.ourdomain.com show up as the url when the experience runs.
When working for a brand, it’s not a great idea to end up somewhere else…

But I guess it’s only possible if we truly host on our side then

We did another project with 8thWall & three.js and made the domain thing work - see here: https://codevancoppens.vtm.be/

So wondering if we develop with PlayCanvas if this is possible to without hosting on our side :slight_smile:


Where did you host this project? On the 8th Wall servers?

Yes, I’m afraid we don’t support custom domain DNS. It’s a static site so hosting should be pretty cheap on something like a S3 or hosting services.

Hi again,
Yes the project was hosted on 8thWall servers

Will investigate using S3 - it’s not a huge issue but current project has a very tight deadline and we wanted to avoid addtional stress.

Thanks again

Is there any reason that you couldn’t upload the PlayCanvas build to the 8th Wall servers?

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You could also use a hosting company like BlueHost if you want to make things simpler.

I actually used BlueHost just recently to host a PlayCanvas project using a custom domain name. It only took about an hour to set up everything, including uploading all the files.

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Will check with our dev - not sure that’s possible but thanks for the suggestion

Tx a lot for the feedback!