8thWall AR x PlayCanvas for a brand project - is this doable?

Hi all,
Last year we developed a retail experience for Samsung where customers could scan a QR code in-store and experience the new Z Fold 2 device - we did this through Zappar & their Zapworks Studio tool

For a similar experience we’d love to try out PlayCanvas, because we’ve been looking to try it out for some time now, and do so in combination with 8thWalll AR or Zappar (which apparently also works with PC since recently?)

Could anyone confirm we can build a similar thing with PC?
And could we have it working with a ‘tap to place’?

Many thanks for any advice

Best regards

PlayCanvas can handle the rendering side, you would have to check with 8th Wall (they have a Slack channel) about the AR features such as ‘tap to place’.

Hey! Thanks for the reply. I do know that tap-to-place etc works on their side as we’ve worked quite a bit with 8thwall AR already. Question is if this also works in combination with PC - I’ll post the question on their Slack. Are there already any known experiments with Zappar? I heard a collab between you and them has just been announced (in beta)

Not that I know of with PlayCanvas.

Sorry, between whom?

Sorry I wasn’t clear - I heard from Zappar that there would be a beta launch of Zappar x PlayCanvas - that’s what I meant

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I believe it’s Zappar supporting our engine in a similar way that 8th Wall does? We haven’t done any work with Zappar yet.

Tx anyway, will check with them too!