8th wall library with Playcanvas

I am looking forward to bring the plane detection feature in Playcanvas. I found a company which has done SLAM in js (8th wall - https://8thwall.com/products-web.html). After talking with the guys in the 8th wall team, I got to know that their library works with Aframe.

Has anyone tried plugging in Aframe libraries into Playcanvas? or using 8th wall with the Playcanvas? or can share there experience on the same.

As the 8th Wall SDK is not public yet, it’s not possible to really answer. My guess it should be possible with just the 8th Wall SDK + PlayCanvas.

8th Wall Web (Release 12) added official support for PlayCanvas.

Sample projects: https://playcanvas.com/the8thwall

Getting Started Guide: https://docs.8thwall.com/web/#getting-started-with-playcanvas


too expensive :frowning:


really fantastic! it’s great that new teams meet with playcanvas to generate works of art like this :slight_smile:

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Hi guys I don’t wanna create a new topic so I’m using this one as I need to ask you something about the use of this library. All I want to do is to detect an image and start the project (which I’ve done) and then stop the image detection and use playcanvas as a normal 3D app. Is this possibile? If yes then how? thank you guys for the reply.

You don’t have to use 8th Wall (although you could). It sounds like you just need some image recognition library which a few exist for JavaScript that work in the browser.

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Cool, could you suggest me which library works better?