7DFPS (7 day FPS game jam)

Hello all,

It’s probably a bit late to post about it now as it ends in about 30 hours, but is anyone else partaking in 7DFPS this week? Link me to your games!

This is mine, and a lot left to do before tomorrow night:

Code: Banana Sandwich


A couple of things I noticed:

  • Is the flashlight outside of the collision volume? When you get really close to a surface it goes really dark and it seems to go through the wall if you are up against one?
  • A nice skybox would make nice and atmospheric when you looked up. Something like http://www.redsorceress.com/skybox.html. Or a cool night sky.

I just had a play. The audio is brilliant - very atmospheric.

  • Presumably, you’ll be able to shoot the red bad guys? When you do shoot them, you could use the applyImpulse function to push them over on bullet impact.
  • I think gun needs to be brought in closer to the viewpoint and then scaled down.
  • Maybe a timer? Complete the level in a limited time?
  • Maybe think of ways to help player orientation (quite easy to go over old ground for ages).

Love it!! Can’t wait to play final version. I’m now annoyed I didn’t enter the jam myself! :slight_smile: