"421 failed to load resource": "script failed to load" for seemingly every script

I’ve been coding all morning, things going well, when suddenly, I can’t launch the project due to an endless list of “script failed to load” errors, and in the console “failed to load resource: server responded with a status of 421()” (see attached images).

I thought maybe I’d introduced an error, but when I switched to our master branch, the issue persisted. I signed out and signed back in, with no luck. I also restarted chrome.

Any idea what might be going on?


RESOLVED: this seemed to resolve itself. I’ll leave this post here instead of deleting it in case anyone else runs into the same thing - the solution was to wait for 20 minutes while anxiously wondering when I was going to be able to complete my work. You can probably skip the anxiously wondering part if you come across this post and stick to the wait 20 minutes part.

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Pinging the PC team just in case @yak32.