4 simple games in Yahoo! Japan

We have released 4 games in ”Yahoo!ゲーム - かんたんゲームプラス” (Web browser games site in Yahoo! JAPAN)

とりぴょ~ん - Tori-pyhon
Jump a bird to clouds. Don’t drop out of sceen.

脱毛指令ハナゲリオン - Hanagelion
Pull out nose hair. Don’t touch the snot.

ジグザグペンギン - Zigzag Penguin
Go on the ice as possible as far.

マネーラッシュパズル - Money Rush Puzzle
2 match puzzle game. Earn big money !

Excuse me. All description in games are written in Japanese. :pensive:
But maybe you will understand game rule in 2-3 times playing.


This is great!

So I’ve took a quick look at Zigzag Penguin game, and here are some takaways looking at assets:

  1. Some background images, like BG_stage.png is 331Kb, surely it can be way smaller as jpeg.
  2. Throw images through ImageOptim or some other alternative image optimisation software, it will make them smaller. You can save 10%-20% in size on all images, which can be up to 500kb.
  3. You have skybox which has 6 faces, in total around 800kb, if you prefilter them, and unmark faces from being loaded, it will load only prefiltered data, that might be smaller.
  4. Music can be not preloaded by default, that will make it load in async as game goes, and once it is loaded it will play. That will make game to run 500kb earlier.
  5. You have jquery loaded twice :smile:
  6. bg2.png is tiled horizontally, surely you can cut the image, and tile it using tiling on material, or background-repeat in css (if using within dom).
  7. You load physics library, is it really necessary? It is 1.3mb, and it does not perform well on mobile.
  8. Your servers do not gzip stuff - this can save for up to 2-3mb of data transferring.

Those are tips that will make games smaller and load faster, this affects directly how many people wait till game is fully loaded. This is generally important practice around the web to keep your interactive content as tiny as possible.

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This are great @ogawa!

I particularly like the one about picking nose hairs :laughing:

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I’m very glad to your advice and suggestions.

1- 3
Yes. these are simply way to make games smaller.
I’ll tell the visual designer them.

Yes. It is correct way.
But I made the games as "download is just only first time"
Cause I thought that the game player feel stress for waiting load data.

But ad banners would be shown, because they takes freemium model. :sweat:

wow ! :sweat_smile:
Dose PlayCanvas include jQuery ?
I didn’t notice it.

Tiled ??
I think it is expand holizontally by sprite.js . I’ll check it again.

I use physics library just only for “app.systems.rigidbody.raycastFirst”.

Now we use AWS S3 for publishing. Can it use gzip ??

It is very important duty for game developer to try minimizing download size.
I also know it.
For example, money rush puzzle is over 10MB(cause it has many image datas) :disappointed_relieved:

I know these have many many Improvement point.
But we are developing next new games.
So I will adopt these knowledge to them.
Japanese likes Kaizen. :grin:

Thank you so much for playing !
Be careful the snot, when you care your nose hairs.
Possibly…it might explode. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Though I became pale when I watched “SWERVE”.
It is almost same rule as “Zigzag Penguin”.:scream:
And visual design of SWERVE is more better visual than our’s. :sweat:

We shall create more good one !


Yes you can, before upload you have to gzip the file, and add Content-Encoding: gzip header when uploading that file.


@max Thank you so much !
i’ll try it at next update ! :slight_smile: