3DS Max + VRay, Render to Texture, Lighting Only

Hi all, I’m working on an archviz scene and have got to baking textures. I’ve been looking at the PlayCanvas ArchViz example - PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

The lighting texture seems to only contain lighting colour, which is what i want to replicate. Following the lightmap guide - Lightmapping | Learn PlayCanvas

But following that guide my texture bakes are containing diffuse with the lighting. e.g.

What am I missing?


Hi @Arnie ,

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve used 3ds max for that purpose, from what I remember the key point is the option selected here:


Thinking something changed on VRAY? Seems other people are having the same issue:

Try posting on the chaosgroup forums about it, you may get better feedback there.

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ok thanks pal, will try over there


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Did you find the best solution to this yet?