☑ 3d text is not visible in iOS browsers


3d text created from the below script suggested by Dave is not loading in ios browsers.

I just tried this on iPhone 6 and I see this:

Here’s the project:


Thanks Will.
I found that, applying color from inspector is a problem.
I had done the below code for it.
Text.attributes.add(‘color’, { type: ‘rgba’ });

// Write white text
ctx.fillStyle = this.color;

With this, the text can be seen in windows and android, but in ios it is a problem.

Follow the link here to see

How can I solve this?

Check out the docs for fillStyle:

Looks like it’s a string. That’s not what an rgba attribute is. :slight_smile: Instead, it’s a pc.Color. I have no idea how this would have worked on non-iOS browsers!