3D Shooter controls - Player keeps falling through the ground


Can somebody please help me? I followed the tutorial but my player is still falling htrough the ground. He hits the ground but then after a few steps he is falling.

Any idea?


It’s falling because there’s no more collision box to walk on! Increase the half extents of the collision box to match the ground model :slight_smile:


Thank you! =) This tool is unbelievable. I tried to use unreal engine and ended up waiting for importing the 3d mesh and stuff. This worked out of the box in seconds. Wow!

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Trying to keep the Mexicans out of your apartment, I see!


:wink: somebody noticed. I could not help myself. While typing the word “wall” I had to add Tump to it. =D

slightly offended but i was born in the U.S :stuck_out_tongue:

I should have textured the wall in rainbow colors to reflect my criticism :wink:

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