3D Screen Elements not affected by scene exposure

I have some text elements laid out around my scene using 3D Screen components. I am also controlling the exposure of my scene using this.app.scene.exposure.

For some reason, the 3D Screens are not affected by scene exposure - when I bring exposure down to zero, they are still totally visible. I have tried changing the layer from UI to World but it makes no difference.

Is there any way around this?

Hi @steve_wk,

I think that’s by design (@yaustar) since UI elements aren’t usually affected by the scene lighting.

Though for 3D screens I think you have a point, they should. If you use a regular material instead of a texture or sprite in your elements and set the render layer to World then exposure affects the element.

I understand though this is partially a fix since the same can’t be used with text elements.

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We have a 3d text script somewhere (final stage of this) https://twitter.com/willeastcott/status/1350781522891198466

scripts: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/tree/master/scripts/textmesh

which is getting lights and stuff … perhaps that could be useful to you if you only need text.


Yep, by design. The material is fully emissive IIRC.

There is private API for changing the material if you want to go down that route: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/blob/47ea4e509ef771c27ecf1fc43626e34f0a7bf84f/src/framework/components/element/text-element.js#L562

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Thanks everyone. That 3D text script is really cool, definitely going to come in useful at some point in this project I think!

For now, since I’m driving the exposure value of the scene with an event anyway, it was pretty quick to make a script to add to text elements which just uses the same value to drive opacity. Does the job just fine for now.