3d product configurator (paid)

I’m looking for a play canvas expert to setup a 3D product configurator.
I do have the 3D model, I can find my way to load it as a new project into playcanvas, I do have all the requirement, i.e. different material (copper, brass, titanium, mat or shiny finish…), but I have no idea how to start from.
As per the UI, something basic like this is fine : http://customizer.coalesse.com/
No database are required as the change are based on colors and the model is composed of 5 parts, plus the ground plane that can have 2 different position in Z.

if somebody is able to handle this, from setting up the UI to all the code involve to get it running (on all type of OS/device), thanks to make a proposal.
The default shader provided inside playcanvas are fine, so there is no need to dive into shader development.

This forum records very few activity, so in case I need to hire somebody on another platform, thanks to share it with me.

Deadline is 1st may (2017).