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Hi everyone!
As I said in another post, I’m new here :slight_smile:

I’m trying to see if I can use PlayCanvas for a professional tool.
I use Solidworks Sell to make some kind of 3D configurator on internet.

As an example, here is a simple light / power outlet, with SW Sell.
I can show switches, but also power outlets, and even mix them on bigger plates.

Could I make something like this in PlayCanvas? If I understand it well I could make this if I have all the different models already (sizes, holes, etc.) and load them, but I wonder if I could pilot the different meshes size, cut holes etc, in real time?

Is PlayCanvas used in professional businesses?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @TonyLGC,

PlayCanvas is quite often used in product configurators.

It’s easy to load models, setup materials and lighting with minimal to no code required. You can definitely change their size, arrangement, rotation in real-time using simple code logic.

Cutting holes in meshes though that isn’t supported. You can potentially add support for that using a 3rd party library, though that isn’t an easy task. Your best bet if you have a fixed number of options is to prepare all the variations in your modelling app and load the correct one on demand.

Take a look at this also, it’s a visual trick not a real geometry hole, but it may be of help:


Just to follow up, here are some examples of Product Configurators built with PlayCanvas:

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Thank you @Leonidas and @will, those are cool examples !
I’ll start with just loading premade models but those stencil shaders look like magic :slight_smile:

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