3D anatomical project

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This is my first post here.

I’ve started an anatomical project after have sculpted a muscle system and skeleton entirely in Zbrush. As I’m a 3D designer more than a coder I would like to ask you some advices on how I can implement some simple scripts in Play Canvas that will return basically the names of the subcomponent (mesh entities) per each model and display at least the names of the bones and muscles on a small canvas.

Do I have to use some picker function to highlight a particular section for instance ONMOUSEDOWN …I’m wondering if you have encounter a similar situation and if you can give me some directions at least to search more in depth the API as I’m trying to do.

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Welcome Francesco!

There is Entity Picking sample here: http://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/intermediate/entity-picking/

This shows two techniques for selecting the entity under the mouse. For your use-case the Frame buffer picking would be a better choice.

In the code in the example you’ll see that picker.getSelection() returns a list of selected Mesh Instances. What you do once you have chosen your specific mesh instance is kind of down the application?

You could enable / hide some other entity that highlights the location?

I’ve made a fork of your project, and did some modifications. If you feel like they are helpful and improve generally the look of your project, feel free to fork it back.
You want to upload png (non-compressed) normal map as well, and if you will use glossmap, use non-compressed image format as well.

My hobby is correcting @max’s posts. PNG is compressed (it used Zlib compression) but it’s not lossy, like the JPG format. That’s why it’s generally better for normal maps and gloss maps.

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