360 panorama demo projects

Is there any examples/demo of 360 panoramas?
I have found only this one: 360 lookaround camera | Learn PlayCanvas

We want to make something like that: Tour gallery: 2-room apartment in the Club House on Sretenka
Is that real to make it using PlayCanvas?

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Yeah, that is doable in PlayCanvas. Looking at developer tools, it looks like a skybox or a inverted cube as they have texture for each of the six main directions.

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agreed with @yaustar - skybox or inverted cube.

for skybox example have a look at our viewer:
in the lighting section, select mipmap to be 0
and pick a skybox from the drop down

you should be also able to drag & drop equirect maps on to the viewer to use custom ones. See the source code here https://github.com/playcanvas/playcanvas-viewer/blob/6ba6c84f0c1f070ca821e0438a0565c3e58a5fde/src/viewer.ts#L340

Note that the viewer filters the texture to be used for the image based lighting as well . you won’t need that part.


BTW, the 360 panorama tutorial is not working properly anymore if you launch it from the Editor.
I guess this negative scale trick is not valid anymore. You need a sphere with inverted normals to display the panorama.
If someone needs it, check out my profile. I have it in the “My VR playground” project.