360 directional lighting and shadow quality

Hi there, I’m trying to imitate 360 all-round lighting using directional lights

I’ve cretead 4 directional at 90 degree,each pointing to different side and 1 more light to draw shadows from top
Is there a better way to do it? Some objects, like a sphere ‘corners’ for example looks weird
Is there a setting like opacity for shadows? Why do they apper ‘choppy’ and how do I solve this?


Hi @Newbie_Coder,

For all around lighting usually using a prefiltered cubemap to get Image based lighting is better:


But if you want to go with using multiple directional lights there is a new property that will be shortly released in the engine which allows you to control the shadows intensity per light:

To improve how smooth the shadows look try some or all of the following:

  • Increase shadows resolution
  • Increase shadows cascades
  • Decrease shadows distance
  • Use VSM shadows instead of PCF

Shadow resolution did the trick, such a huge difference, shadow intensity is indeed must-have property, can’t wait! Thanks for your help

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