2D UI Custom Element

The UI system has an in-editor way of laying out widgets, which is nice, but the current Element component is fairly limited. Is it possible to extend the behavior of the UI system to essentially create a custom Element? Something that can still be laid out in the editor using the built in system, but with custom functionality.

Not currently, no (at least easily). Leonidas Editor extension tools might be able to help here

We are also planning to create a public Editor API so that extensions to the Editor could be made so something like this could be possible in the feature.

Although saying this, depends on the custom functionality. What are you looking to do with the element?

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Yeah I was considering using the Uranus SDK, but figured I’d see if there was a more “official” way first.

Essentially, my hope was to expand the system to be a more robust, full fledged retained mode GUI builder. Something I could pass off to a less technical team member and let them build everything out. Coming from Godot, I was a little spoiled but how their UI system works, so I want to try to mimic that to some degree.

If it’s only positioning rather than new engine features, the soon to be released public Editor API might be able to help here. Hoping the closed beta will be available over the next couple of months

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