2D Game from Command Line

I’ve made a bunch of command line games which I loved coding. I’m now interested in making a 2D game out of one of them or at least a portion of one. My question would be is play canvas a good place to start out? I know that it’s focus is 3D but it had a FAQ question about 2D and it said to explain the type of game. My game is basically going to be a turn base game with some puzzles and fighting of mobs. I want to have items and things like that. Would this be simple to do?

Hi @Shiblets,

Like you said PlayCanvas is mostly focused on 3D games. You can make a 2D game with PlayCanvas but you won’t find a lot of utilities to help you with that. You can use sprites on 3D planes for example and have an orthographic camera that will give a 2D feel to your game. But the strengths of the engine are mostly for 3D.

You can certainly try to make a 2D game though and we’re here to help.

Thanks for the reply. I’m definitely interested in 3D too but I thought it might be easier to start off with 2D since I’m doing this in my free time. I’m going to continue with the tutorials and hopefully make a decision. Thanks again!