2D Filters / Blend Mode : Blur, Color Matrix


I didn’t find anything for doing this with PlayCanvas. I would like to have on UI and Sprites :

  • filters : blur, color matrix, pixelate, outline…
  • blend mode : additive, multiplicative etc.

Somthing similar to PixiJS Examples

Would it be easy to add this using UI/Sprite materials?

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Hi @Aymeric ,

The text elements use a special material/shader provided by the engine. Potentially you can extend the shader using the shader chunks system, though that can be advanced since it requires GLSL knowledge.

Feel free to add a feature request in the engine repo about it, it’s a valid request.

Thanks @Leonidas, done 2D Filters / Blend Mode : Blur, Color Matrix · Issue #3338 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub :wink: