2D Camera Not Set To Main

I’m just trying to make a game and every time I try to test it the camera is just darkness. Can someone tell me how to set the 2D Camera as main?

@RagDev Would you be able to share your project link so others can have a look?


@RagDev Thanks, But this is just the launch. Could you share the link to the editor project so others can have a look? Also what effect or view are you looking for?

i’m just trying to make the game visible.

@RagDev OK All you should be able to do is just post the link while you are in the editor.

did I send you a valid link? or do I have to do a little bit more.

@RagDev Yes I see you sent a private message. If you want others to have a look you can post the link here. At first glance I think maybe you could do one of two things. Either click on the camera entity and drag it back a bit or screen could be made small. I also have not forked yet but you may have to bring the 2D screen layer forward.

how do I do that?

@RagDev I am not currently sure how much experience you may have with Playcanvas but here is a great way to get started with a 2D game. Have a look to this tutorial to get a good understanding.


I will try to see what is going on with your link.

I have 2 years of experience with play canvas… I lost every piece of knowledge about it after like a week off of it tho

@RagDev Do you have a project that shows the issue you are having?

In it’s current state: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1655825

The only issue I see is you trying to use a sprite under UI screen which is not supported.


What are you trying to do?

make a main menu

Hi @RagDev! Then you probably need to use element components. When you create a new entity you can find it in the section ‘User Interface’.