1st Project Problems

I do not understand any of this, yet it’s the first engine where I don’t have to download something, and seems to suit what I want to get done, but WHERE do I get the other platform from?!?

What do you mean?

The PlayCanvas editor is similar to the typical game engine editors such as Unity3D, Unreal and Godot. If you have used those before, some parts of the PlayCanvas should hopefully be familiar.

The manual has an overview of the editor (which is a a little dry): https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/designer/menus-and-toolbar/

Or you can try the Keepy Uppy tutorial series on making a small game: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/keepyup-part-one/

I have never used any ‘real’ engine before.

The manual and Keepy Uppy tutorial should still help.

What Manuel? And what’s Keepy Uppy?

In my last post here: 1st Project Problems

I posted two links. One to the manual for the editor that takes the reader through the features of the editor.

The second link is to a tutorial series on making a small game called Keepy Uppy. Again, taking the reader through the editor and how the core of it works.

Thank you for helping me, and taking you time, I appreciate it, And will use what you gave me. Hopefully it helps, (I think it will.)