☑ 1 size equals how many centimeters?


That might be the simplest question but I really have no idea.

In Editor -> Setting, we can see :

I divide the grid into 8 divisions and every division is 1 x 1 size.

Here’s my question.

How can I ensure that the dimension of the model that I upload is equal to 1 size ?

In other word, 1 size in PlayCanvas is equal to how many centimeters or how many inches in 3D Studio Max ?

Thank you for your time !

1 unit in PlayCanvas is generally considered do be 1m. So in Blender/Maya/3DS Max, take care to set the correct working units. If you choose meters (m) as your working units, make a cube 1x1x1. But if you set your working units to centimeters (cm), make a cube 100x100x100. In PlayCanvas, both will result in a 1x1x1 cube.

Hi, will. Thank you for your reply. I made a cube 1x1x1 in 3DS Max and uploaded to PlayCanvas.

Unfortunately, it seems not in 1x1x1 :

But I uploaded a cube 254 x 254 x 254 cm and it was just right 1 size in PlayCanvas.

It’s very amazing as 254cm equals to 100 inches. According to this, I found the problem eventually.

In my 3DS Max, the System Unit Setup is 1Unit = 1.0 Inch. So I just changed the setup to :

All done !

Thanks again, will :grinning:

Yes, and it’s the same kind of thing in Maya: