I’ve always been a big fan of making games, I started long ago as a power point game make (believe me, it was hard but possible). I didn’t have internet or any way of learning anything beyond that.

My first contact with real game dev, was map001, what great time that was. Only visual programming, but it was a start to logic. I always pushed the limits of what I though possible. I wanted ecossystems, economics, market variation. I didn’t want to be limited by what the platform could offer. So I moved to a 3D based platform, Blender.

But I actually didn’t stay long, I quickly moved to UDK, and from UDK to my long lasting love, Unity 3D. I still work with it. Made so many unfinished games there.

But then it happened. I had to find a job, make a living. And games aren’t a choice here in Brazil, not for me at least. So I ended up on with web programming. Quickly I ended up fullstack (about 4 months). And my main job was to fix the unfixable, files that had PHP, django, javascript, html and CSS altogether. Files with more than 1000 lines. ZIP based gits (final, final final, please work final). Undented code, uncommented work. But I had to get the job done

So I decided to have my standards, no matter the time limit, I would fix everything up, would separate everything into the right file. Modularize it, object orient it, comment it. And just to comment, this all happened before I met the concept of frameworks and PHP’s PSR-x. Soon I was proud of everything I touched, it was easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to adapt (later it became my RUA code principle, read, understand and adapt)

Suddenly, a big wild project has appeared. I couldn’t lose it, it had a big budget involved, on the same time I had to sacrifice my standards (of making everything right, no matter the time cost), I had to learn React and Laravel. What a big mess that was. But it worked, kinda it did. I wasn’t proud, but I finished the product. The problem, the same situation happened just after that.

Delivering the next mess, I gave up on the job I had. This isn’t right for me. I will step up, take my time to learn those tools (babel, react, laravel, etc). And make my own products, something I could profit from, and still be proud of. I’m on my way of my first real product (won’t be talking about that, sorry). But on my freetime, I came back to minecraft, and my dream to mod something on it.

I have to say, I hate java, as much as I’m hating the direction CSharp/Unity are taking. They are complicating when they could be easining our lives. That was what javascript was doing, with the later promises, es6/7. So I decided to find a game engine (I didn’t want to start from scratch, I don’t have time for that now), and that’s how I found PlayCanvas.