Zappar Universal AR You can't see the real background

Zappar Universal AR: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

MY Zappar Universal AR - PLAYCANVAS This is the link I posted ;

In project settings, have you set the canvas to be transparent and also you may need to ensure that the camera clear color buffer is disabled

Is this set, this is my project link


It’s a private project so I can’t access it

It is now accessible

Looks like an update to the engine from 1.52.1 to 1.52.2 has stopped the Zappar integration from working. For the moment, can you use the previous engine version (1.51.2) while we look into this and also try to let Zappar know.

Looks like Zappar is using some private API for the texture used for the WebCam and that was changed from some refactoring for upcoming WebGPU work in the engine.

I have fixed the Zappar integration here:

I only changed one line (252) in zapparCamera.js from

    this.texture._glTexture = pipeline.cameraFrameTextureGL();


    this.texture.impl._glTexture = pipeline.cameraFrameTextureGL();

I will try to contact Zappar so they can update their integration

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Hey @chuxinhao, we’ve deployed an update to our PlayCanvas projects which adresses this issue :slight_smile:

Thanks @yaustar for getting in touch with us and kindly providing a solution! Much appreciated.