Z buffer does not render properly

At least I think this is a z buffer problem. The entire scene z fights with itself in a way I have never seen before. Just watch the video and you will see what I mean.

Playcanvas Z buffer - YouTube


Is that green color the skybox or something?

It does not feel like a depth buffer issue … more like that at some frames meshes do not render.
I’d try to use SpectorJS chrome extension, capture correct and incorrect frame (would need some luck and patience) and compare them to see what is happening. Do we have (roughly) the same number of meshes and similar.

Technically its a physical object childed to the player acting as a skybox but yes

What is the reason you do it this way?

because of the way the skybox is shaded it was far easier to simply create a cylinder around the player than to figure out how to shade a 6 sided skybox to match what was needed

I just ran a much older exported version of the game and the same issue is there so it has nothing to do with the engine itself, must be a problem on my end.

I probably expect the same result as you expect, but I’m not sure if the engine handles it that way. Instead of using a skybox, you can also change the camera clear color.

It has worked fine this entire time except for now, and I dont think a camera clear color can do a gradient like I need it to. Anyway, I just ran the project in opera gx and it rendered fine with no problems so the issue is being caused by microsoft edge somehow. The fault is still on my end, but I am glad it isnt hardware related.