You are great but the storage is too small

Hi PlayCanvas Team,
first I love PlayCanvas and I’m doing a lot of jobs with it. There still is a deficit in import and export functionallity and something like “Prefabs”. But I think time, you and the community will solve this.
What I want to raise is, that 10 GB for 50€ per month (or even 1GB for 15€ per moth) does not fit in 2019. Especially when you provide a very visual service like a “game engine” editor. Even small projects can easliy have more than 100 or 200 MB. My usual projects have a about 500MB till 1GB.
So, me and company will soon reach the 10GB limit.
We can’t spent time in downloading and saving things local and load all that stuff up again. It’s unrealistic and not feasible when you have mutiple clients and jobs to work on.
So, all I want is ask you to reconsider your storage volume and pricing here cause usually storage is very cheap nowadays.
For the future WebXR and WebVR will evolve and even more storage will be necessary for models and textures. And we will use this technology but we will need more storage for an appropriate price.

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Thanks for taking the time to send your feedback, @Patrick_Munster.

Something like “Prefabs” (which we call Templates) is indeed coming. We’re making good progress on that. We’re maybe 50% done so far.

We have been having internal discussions about accounts storage quotas. I think some changes are likely to happen on this soon. I’ll bring it up at the next team meeting.


Hello @will

Is there any update about this account storage quota issue? We are developing a couple of projects in my company and we are having the same problem as @Patrick_Munster

Thanks in advance!


Hello Will,
have you made any progress on the storage space?
I just created a new personal account and forked two projects from my company. Unfortunately I only have 300 MB free now to work with and it wasn’t even the full project.
I’m really looking forward to more space^^

I agree, we need more space options. Opening a new account every time doesn’t work very well.


Great god :rofl:

10gb is really small. We are doing a Demo in Playcanvas and are already hitting 10gb. The final product would be bigger. Your Engine is great. The Editor is great. I mean forking projects is a totally fantastic feature… but my account is full :frowning: I assume checkpoints eat alot of capacity?

I dunno about costs but increasing the space would help teams. Personally I would say 20 - 30gb is big enough. After all this stuff still has to run on mobile part of the time :smiley: Just give us some free space.

And Cheers for Prefabs :beers:

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@Sebastian What’s your PlayCanvas account’s name?

I wrote you the details within a PM. :rocket:

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Is there a way to pay for more storage space? My company is looking at using playcanvas for a wide assortment of games but 10MB is a show stopper if it cannot be increased.

@Dragonhill 10MB isn’t one of our limits :sweat_smile: I assume that’s a typo?

Free accounts 200MB, Personal is 1GB and Organisation is 10GB.

We are looking at increasing our limits in the near future but in the meantime, we are happy to increase storage quotas if there’s a need//limit. Drop me a DM and we can work something out :slight_smile:

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sorry… yes, 10gb limit is what I was mentioning
thanks for letting me know that there is a possibility to increase this limit.

@Dragonhill How much storage were you looking for out of interest and for how many apps/games?

@Dragonhill 10GB is a soft limit. You just have to notify us and we’ll bump your storage quota.

It is also possible to store your assets on an external CDN or servers and load them at runtime. I did that with 1000+ 3D models for a single project.

Playcanvas have nice functions to load assets from URL:


Seems like PlayCanvas team quietly updated the storage and other account properties - now paying users get 10GB + loading screen + offline backup / restore! Thanks @will and the rest of the team! :grinning: :+1:


Is there a way to increase the 50Gb limit. Our company has several projects that are ongoing and we cannot delete old projects.

Hi @timgrubb and welcome,

Send a private message to @yaustar and he can look at it.

Sure, send me a DM with your PlayCanvas username and I will be able to sort you out.

Deleting old published builds will clear up storage.

You can also fork projects which will take the latest on the master branch but none of the checkpoints or branches, and then delete the old projects to free up space.

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