You are great but the storage is too small


Hi PlayCanvas Team,
first I love PlayCanvas and I’m doing a lot of jobs with it. There still is a deficit in import and export functionallity and something like “Prefabs”. But I think time, you and the community will solve this.
What I want to raise is, that 10 GB for 50€ per month (or even 1GB for 15€ per moth) does not fit in 2019. Especially when you provide a very visual service like a “game engine” editor. Even small projects can easliy have more than 100 or 200 MB. My usual projects have a about 500MB till 1GB.
So, me and company will soon reach the 10GB limit.
We can’t spent time in downloading and saving things local and load all that stuff up again. It’s unrealistic and not feasible when you have mutiple clients and jobs to work on.
So, all I want is ask you to reconsider your storage volume and pricing here cause usually storage is very cheap nowadays.
For the future WebXR and WebVR will evolve and even more storage will be necessary for models and textures. And we will use this technology but we will need more storage for an appropriate price.


Thanks for taking the time to send your feedback, @Patrick_Munster.

Something like “Prefabs” (which we call Templates) is indeed coming. We’re making good progress on that. We’re maybe 50% done so far.

We have been having internal discussions about accounts storage quotas. I think some changes are likely to happen on this soon. I’ll bring it up at the next team meeting.