Work was deleted. How to recover?

oh ok

is it possible if you can let me join to the project because i was an admin but my name is thegab (me)

i want to see if i can try

I’m not permitted to change or modify anything without the owner’s explicit permission.

ok, sorry i will wait then.

so, yesterday there was a checkpoint but i think person who deleted did the checkpoint when the scenes were gone because i forked and basically i restored but it was blank all scenes still

A fork doesn’t copy the checkpoints, it just takes the current state of project on master branch.

oh, ok thanks that will be useful if oofin adds me back then i will restore the checkpoint from yesterday thank you! and does checkpoints save themselves?

No they don’t. They created on demand. It all demands on the state of the project when the checkpoint is made.

If the team is unlucky, changes/deletions would have been made before the checkpoint was done and there is no way to recover that.

oh no hopefully there is a checkpoint before yesterday everything was deleted atleast if there is no minimap bc yesterday we added minimap

atleast any checkpoint will work like in 3 days or 4 or 2 days

like 3 days ago or 2 or 4

Well, im starting over

i did it
fixed :smiley:

well we just need de dust II map

can you try to find a coder?
Im making a new game and need help

what game oofin?

its Karlson

i can help?