WIP: Last Man Fighting

Hello fellow PlayCanvas enthusiasts.
I would like to introduce to you Last Man Fighting; a first-person shooter, hobbyist project of mine.

Originally, my game project was made either in the Blender Game Engine / UPBGE engines, or the Godot engine. Currently, I am now porting it to PlayCanvas due to several reasons. One being easier distribution vie the web, and another reason being easier pipelines for multiplayer gameplay.


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I would love to help you develop this game if you want. I love coding, especially FPS games and love toon type games, just add my account @oofin, if i can help with anything

Thank you for the kind offer.
I have had multiple offers in the past with help of the creation of the project, and might take you up on your offer.

However, for the time being, I would prefer solo development.




  • Added in static environment props: (Crates + Watering-Well)
  • Added in static UI text (Health, Ammo, Item/Weapon, Time, Kills/Score, Crosshair)
  • Added in dynamic UI text (Framerate counter)
  • Added in dynamic HUD gun + arms
  • Added in FPS movement + mouselook (No demo yet sorry)


  • Removed all post-effects and replaced with equivalents e.g Baked + Static textures
  • Made mesh grime more apparent on textures
  • Changed environment lighting, baked some light, added in some fog, etc


  • Implement working logic to all UI logically-dynamic elements
  • Implement main menu + pause menu
  • Implement player animations
  • Implement some basic A.I. zombies
  • Implement lots - Yet optimized; foliage


Cool, I love the aesthetics!

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Thank you. Honestly, I feel like I could produce better baked AO results. Currently testing related settings.

Well, I think your right, but it still looks fine