Will this work to detect two-way angles for gamepads

i need to find out if the following code (with changes to the angles and negatives) will detect which way the stick is moving on each axis and move accordingly, does anybody know if this will work?
Because I need to move on four different directions on pc it’s easy, there’s a different button for each direction, but for gamepads they share the same joystick for two directions on the same axis.

@Albertos can you tell if this should work?

I have no idea. If you want to know if that works, you should test it.

I don’t have access to a controller for about a week, I’m on a trip

I am away from home on. A trip for about a week, so i don’t have access to a gamepad to test my code, so if anybody wants to test the gamepad code
Please do.

The controls are left stick to move (if it works)
Bottom face button 1 (jump)
Right face button 4 (crouch)
Left face button 2 (3rd person)

camera movement might not work as i experimented with it a bit