WhyFailed to unlock membership after paying twice

I was deducted twice in a row, and he still showed that I need to expand the warehouse, even though I have already opened a premium plan

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but do you mean you are out of storage space, when using a paid account type, like personal plan? If so, none of the account types have an unlimited storage space. If you are running out of space, consider moving your large files to some CDN servers or cold storage.

@MaxmilianLiu Can you send us an email to support@playcanvas.com where we can look at the issue please?


Sorry I forget to sent image

I used Playcanvas a long time ago, and recently I wanted to come back and try again, and then I opened a membership, and then I found that the payment did not take effect, so I canceled and paid again, and it still didn’t work, I think you can help me find out the problem

thx for helping

Please send us an email as there will be private details that we cannot share here on the forums

I already sent thx