Why loading time so slow on android?

Hi guys,
Would any know of any possible reasons that a game would take so long to load on an android phone compared to a PC? You can see my build below

I have tried compressing the textures as well as follow the “Optimizing load time” guide, but it does not seem to solve the loading time for android.

Thank you!

Hi @dongqtm,

It’s quite slow on the PC as well since it’s a big build, ~65MB:


I’d say try turning off the preload flag on assets that can be loaded later on, to minimize the initial loading time.

Compressing the textures only reduces the VRAM usage to allow you to use more textures in the app. It doesn’t reduce download size.

Your skybox textures are 4.8 MB each. Maybe they can be reexported and reduced in quality via JPG to reduce the filesize?

The MP3 music is a prime candidate to load after the user is in the app.

All the paintings in the gallery can be set to load after the user is in the app. Set up a loading indicator and have the paintings load in the background.

You have a lot of sky box dds textures, do you need all of them? Do you need all of them loaded at the start?

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That’s really wonderful :+1:

Another solution that you can do for that kind of problem is a “Dynamic loading system”, where by default, what is loaded is all low-rez and when the application is ready and started, higher resolution are loaded and replace lower rez.

The downside of this is that the total amount of content downloaded will be higher (low + high rez).

You will need to play with the Asset Loader system of Playcanvas and a remote source (like a CDN).

these are awesome advices! I will try these out thanks guys!

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