Why does all my models looks so small in playcanvas?

I have models looks good in u3d and I also tried them in p3d.in, all looks good.
but in playcanvas, the default size of my model is not enough, I have to scale it to 20x to make it looks the same size in u3d or p3d.in.

is this normal?

Sizes are relative.
Base on what you have to scale it 20 times? because they look small on the screen or because you have other objects as a reference?

because they all look small on the screen. every model I import looks small…
I understand it’s relative, but by default, the models import into unity3d look normal…

It’s hard to help without more details…
Create a box of size 1 in the PlayCanvas editor, and compare it to your objects.
If its size is fine, then you have just to move more near with your camera.

But most probably is the "scale factor’ in the FBX import setting in Unity that you probably used to scale the meshes the way you want:


thanks a lot, that’s already been very helpful, I will check parameters on unity3d side.

In PlayCanvas, 1 unit is 1m. If you have a model which is 1cm tall (and you can check that in Maya/Max/Blender/etc), it will be 0.01 units high in PlayCanvas.