Why Autocomplete not work in Editor?

I watch some tutorial on youtube about playcanvas. In video editor can auto complete all api. for example. this.app.keyboard… etc. But in my project it is not autocomplete after this.app. i m using windows 10 and chrome browser.

Auto complete will only work if the code you’re writing is correct. If for example this.app does not exist in the scope that you’re currently editing autocomplete won’t show anything.

Can you share some code? Also some questions:

  1. Are you using the PlayCanvas Code Editor?
  2. Are you using the new scripts or legacy scripts? You can see that if the PlayCanvas Code Editor has a file hierarchy on the left - the old Editor didn’t.
  3. Do you see any errors in your browser console?
  1. yes i m using playcanvas code editor.
  2. New scripts
  3. No scripts run normal when i run. only problem editor dont show autocomplete.
    when i write ‘this.’ all properties and function come to auto complete. but when i write ‘this.app.’ only same of properties come. for example keyboard not listed on autocomplete but it work when i run from editor. it is in scope. because it is in playcanvas api and when i press run on editor it just work as expected.

Do you see any errors in the browser console in the Code Editor tab - not when you run the game? Also wouldn’t hurt if you shared a link to your project…

browser dont log any console error when using editor. Project is just empty scene with cube and a script.t auto complete not work for “this.app.propertyname” but work for “this.enitity.propertyname”. i think this bug is only available for this.app.properties

I can’t reproduce this… Maybe you can share a screenshot of the Code Editor at its broken state where autocomplete is not working so I can see everything… Also sharing your project would be helpful.