Where in the world is pc.ResourceHandler?

Looking at the source code documentation, pc.ModelHandler, pc.ScriptHandler and pc.ResourceLoader all make a reference to pc.ResourceHandler. The documentation for pc.ResourceLoader even says that one of its expected paramaters is of type pc.ResourceHandler. Yet I can’t seem to find the definition for the pc.ResourceHandler class anywhere in the source code. Can anyone locate it? And if ever it doesn’t exist, we should probably update the docs to remove all mentions of it.

When the app Instantiate, it will initialize pc.ResourceHandler.
You can access it by app.loader. But mostly you will not use it directly, as it is more like LoaderManager…

The piece of code you highlighted is pc.ResourceLoader… I’m looking for pc.ResourceHandler. Was the name changed some time ago perhaps?

Oh, that’s my mistake.:sweat_smile:
As my practice, I think ResourceHandler is something like abstract class. Various handlers such like MaterialHandler, TextureHandler, ScriptHandler are subclasses.

I see, in that case it would probably be a good idea to be explicit about it in the docs. Can anyone else confirm that pc.ResourceHandler is not an actual class but rather more of an undefined interface for handlers such as MaterialHandler, TextureHandler, ScriptHandler etc…

And if it is the case, what do you think about actually making a ResourceHandler base class and getting all the specific handlers to extend that base class?