What's the different between PostEffect and PostEffectPass?

I find PostEffect and PostEffectPass in the source code of the engine. But I can not find any example about PostEffectPass, what the difference between these two PostEffect class ?

Hi @swh,

In the docs only the pc.PostEffect and pc.PostEffectQueue are exposed which you can use to add post process effects to your app. The pc.PostEffectQueue will add a single layer in the scene layers hierarchy and render all pc.PostEffects added to that single layer.

The pc.PostEffectPass class I think was being developed as a way to add post process effects in different layers, each effect could have each own layer. A more versatile way of controlling rendering. I am not sure if that work has finished and the class can be used though, @yaustar @mvaligursky and idea?

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I’m not familiar with that class, but I’m working and leaning up layer system as we speak, so that might change in the near future.
For the moment though - as with any class that is not documented / API exposed - consider it work in progress that can be removed / changed at any time.