☑ Whats about "ios Export"?

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Can someone tell me whats about “ios Export” concerning any Pro account? It’s not mentioned on the account overview site nor can I find something in here.



If you have a Pro account (anything other than the Free account), then you have access to iOS Export.

So when you go to the PUBLISH tab in your project’s dashboard, you can click on the DOWNLOAD button on the right, and if you have a Pro account you can click on iOS which will create an XCode project with your appplication. You can then run that application in the iPhone / iPad simulator or upload it on the actual iOS device.

You can find more information about the different pricing plans here: https://playcanvas.com/plans

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Ah, I see, got it now, many thanks for the explanation!

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I have an Organization account, but I’m still not able to download the iOS Project. Editor keep saying I need a PRO account for that. Any ideas?


P.S: Hmm, why am I having a free account, if I’m a member of paying organization with assigned seat? Do I have to pay extra $15 for personal account? That makes no sense to me.


The owner of the project needs to have an Organization account in order to be able to download a project for iOS.

You can enjoy all the benefits of being part of an Organization only for projects of that Organization. Being part of an Organization does not change your own plan. You can be part of multiple Organizations and you can have your owner Personal plan if you need more storage or Personal plan features.

All it really means to have a seat in an Organization is that you are a member of one (or more) of the Organization’s private projects. That’s all. If the Organization removes you from those projects then you are no longer occupying a seat. So occupying an Organization seat does not give you special benefits outside the Organization. Otherwise any user that is invited to an Organization’s private projects (even existing Free users) would suddenly be able to have all the premium features for their own projects just by being invited to a private project.

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so additionally to $50 per seat I have to pay for every one single user $15 per month? I think the organization should decide who will be granted with pro plan. Otherwise I can’t understand, why I have to pay $50 per seat plus $15 for every single employe I have.

No you do not have to pay an additional $15 for your employees. Let me explain:

An Organization has seats. You pay $50 for each seat. An Organization also has projects. When you access the projects of the Organization you have access to all the premium features. So in your case when you create a new project you have to set the owner to be the Organization instead of your account. So in the new Project popup select the organization as the owner:

Now your personal account is unrelated. The main thing to understand is that Organization account features are only for projects that belong to the Organization, not for projects that belong to personal accounts. Does this make sense?

Thats make sense, and this is also how I’ve thought it works. The problem is, my project belongs already to the organization but I’m still getting the “You need a PRO account” message. :slight_smile:

Can you share a link to your project?

Or if the project is private, the project ID (the number for the project in the URL when viewing the project dashboard).

Sure, it’s 417529

Thank you for help :slight_smile:

Ah ok now I see what’s wrong. This was a bug that was fixed last week but it hasn’t been deployed yet. It should be deployed by Monday if that’s OK?

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Sure, sounds good :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


This should now be fixed. Let me know if you have any issues!