What is the most efficient way to repo

A play canvas project?

This is our current thought. We finish a build, download the project, then use git on that project to create a repo or push a new build.

What do you mean by repo? PlayCanvas has version control built in.

What’s the end goal? Maybe the REST API would be useful here?

The goal is to be able to work offline using engine-only, using our own repo for version control. We need to be able to work offline with our backend devs on a local webserver for testing to avoid updating our actual servers for every little change we make.

Hi @Aaron_B,

Are you using the editor or are you working exclusively with the engine only?

If it’s the latter you are already set, you are already using your own repo.

If you are using the editor and you are looking to write code locally that can be easily version controlled in your own git system then you can use playcanvas-sync. That will allow you to code locally and have all changes automatically synchronized with your editor based project:

Now if you want to download and push to your server a build from your editor project then you can also use the PlayCanvas REST API to automate that from your local repo:


In addition to Leonidas’ post

It sounds like you want to have a stable build of the game so that server development is not affected by changes in the project in the PlayCanvas Editor.

While you can download a build (with the various script options (sounds like you would need scripts minify to be disabled so it’s more easily debuggable on the client side)) and add that to Git (either via the Editor or via the REST API), it sounds like this can be resolved in the version control in PlayCanvas.

You can create branches for WIP features and only merge into master once it is completed and stable. This way server can be tested against a stable version of the game.

Or you can make published builds per version of the game that the server can be developed against.

Again, I’m not entirely sure what workflow you are aiming for or even if you looking not to use the Editor at all.

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