What is the correct way to play a movie on ios?

I want to play a movie on ipad ,I find sometimes the autoplay or play( or load) method on ios can’t work, I don’t know why, so I think I need to add a button to play ,but it doesn’t work also.I use the promise (when I play()) to catch the error and it shows "The operation is not supported ".
Is there someone having the same problem before ?
I need your help ,thanks

When I find the the movie can’t be played in some ios platform( I have tried serveral ways) , I use the css element to play the gif instead,and it works well :joy:

Try this @MasterT It shows videos in textures but might help a bit https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/video-textures/

I have tried this way and others ,thank you:joy:

There are some restrictions on iOS about video playback. Videos can’t be auto played with sound and/or they can only be played from user event such as touching the screen.

Yes. It may also be necessary to mute the audio before autoplay will work. That may be browser dependent.

thank all of you ,I will try your advise