What are the online 'system maximums'?

As seen here there is a maximum in number of lights in a scene - in all I had between 35 and 40 lights when this happened (notice noised areas → will alter down to approx 24 to 26 lights now, which still is ok for the project) … if possible in your time schedule, you could consider to make a list of ‘system maximums’ perhaps?

The error message quotes 16 active lights as the maximum.

ok, thx for clarifying the errror msg concerning the parenthesis (could also mean something with the textures, for the untrained eye) - I guess that explains it

I there a reason for so many real time lights? Could you not bake some of the lighting to the textures?

yes off course … makes a huge difference (I might turn up the number of lights again, after ‘Oncing’ them) … again: it could be nice with some system performance guidance (next Q could - in theory - be; whats the cost factor between ‘Realtime’ and ‘Once’)

What do you mean by ‘oncing’?


First time I have seen that feature.

Looking at the docs, the benefits look pretty good in terms of performance as it is not updating the shadow map every frame in ‘Once’ mode. That seems to be the only difference between the two modes.

If nothing is moving, it’s a no brainer to use the ‘Once’ mode where possible.