We've launched our game powered by PlayCanvas for the repl.it game jam!

Hi all,

We at Renegade Lab Studios are proud to announce that we have launched our second game, just in time for the repl.it game jam! You can play @ https://playcanv.as/p/9NWeVw59/. @playcanvas, we would love it if you could help us promoting this game, since it is only our second game, it would be of great help to us! A big thank you to all community members who helped answer our queries, especially @wturber and @yaustar. @Nathan_Hawkins1, @WorKONprogress, and @skyneAK were a big part of creating this game.

@coderMACi5 from Renegade Lab Studios.

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Errr. Aren’t you meant to use repl.it as the IDE/container for the game jam? (looking at the details: https://repl.it/talk/challenge/Were-hosting-a-Game-Jam/11432)

Share your repl on the challenge board

I downloaded the source for self hosting, modified the html a bit, and then put the files on repl. That’s allowed as long as it runs on their site which it does😊

Fair enough. Kind of feels like it’s against the ethos of the competition but if they allow it.

They allow other game engines like Phaser(they’ve even linked some tutorials of it!) and their moderator commented that anything is fine as long as it runs on repl.it

It’s not so much that they used an engine, more that they wanted to encourage people to use repl.it as a development environment and IDE.

In which case I have hosted it on their site and also modded the HTML on their site. Thanks anyway for your help!

And Phaser doesn’t even work properly on repl.it, I tried. So you’d have to build the full thing on local system, then port to repl.it, which is exactly what I did with PlayCanvas.

@yaustar this should prove my point.

It seems to be within the rules but I still think it’s against the ethos and why they ran the competition in the first place which is to promote the use of their toolset.

Did you disable concatenate game scripts out of interest? That would help as it would make your game more human readable and therefore forkable on repl.it.

Seems to work fine for me. Copied the Phaser.min.js over and created one of their examples from within repl.it. https://repl.it/@gaduw/Phaser-Test

I don’t know why it didn’t work for me. Thanks for the help, I’ll remember that from next time.

How did you get the game on repl.it? i tried but not sure how to run it on their website like you did just tke the code from the game and put it on repl? doesnt make sense… no 3d models no graphics no engine its weird

I downloaded the source. Then, I created a new HTML, CSS, JS project and simply uploaded the source files onto repl.it. It’s quite simple actually…