Weird texture artifacts when open with IOS (iphone 8)

I have this weird artifacts on the light map texture (.exr file) It opens normally on desktop and Android device (samsung s9) but it is weird on Iphone 8. Have not tested on Mac PC yet.

Tested on Safari, FireFox and Chrome browser. All normal for Android but not for IOS.

The same behavior happens when I open the Orange Room project from Playcanvas, but not the SeeMore project. Maybe there is some settings that I missed.

My project link if you want to test it:

Hi @Trong_Hieu_Nguyen,

I can confirm that the same happens on an iPhone 10 XR, seems like an iOS issue in general with .exr textures.

Would you like to submit an issue about it in the engine repo?

Thank you for your confirmation. I already submit an issue.

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Hmm, it’s working fine for me on iPadOS 13.4 (iPad Mini 4)

Thanks @ThePastaNebula. You will not see banding on the example project anymore because @Trong_Hieu_Nguyen changed the texture that was causing the issue. The problem does still exist with HDR lightmaps unfortunately and we’re still investigating.

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The github issue: